Mantra chanting makes us listen to what the source may say. It allows us to experience oneness and divine unity. It allows us to open up. It is fast and efficient and gives us the ability to go beyond – beyond ourselves, beyond of ego.

Mantra chanting can change the energy so quickly that we feel like we are being drawn into limitless possibilities. It is a way to transform the heart and mind from a lower vibration to a higher vibration where true conscious connection can happen. It goes right to the center of the heart.

Mantra: Sat Nam

In very simple terms, „Sat“ means truth and „Nam“ means name. It could be translated as „true name“ or „truth is my identity“. It is a way of acknowledging that our true being lies in our true essence. Truth, which is greater than any human truth, is not a matter of right or wrong or even a concept that we can clearly articulate. It is simply a recognition that the great mystery is who we are.

Here is a beautiful rendition of this powerful Kundalini Yoga Mantra that you can use for your Meditation.

Enjoy and Sat Nam!

YOGA RETREAT in progress

Seema Jiwan & Prem Mandeep